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Diano Marina and the Liguria of Ponente has so much to offer that is impossible to describe it all to you in one page; these are some sites of the principal activities for you to start your holiday.


The longest bicycles track in Europe runs from San Lorenzo al Mare, past Sanremo taking you almost into France. 24 Km through historical and sightseeing points of interest, little towns, many bars and bicycles rental as well as roller and risciò rental, makes this route very attractive for tourists and locals.

There is also a beautiful sightseeing road that connects Diano Marina to the town of imperia, it’s a flat walk along the beach road, closed to traffic is reserved only for pedestrian and bicycles. Only 300 meters from the hotel this road will take you to Imperia with the only sound of the sea.

On the hills surrounding Diano Marina you can find several trekking routes for mountain bike and downhill, some for beginners and some for the most experts. The site is:
The sport association Open Sport takes you up with a van and organizes excursion, on the routes through the hinterland, besides windsurf courses and snowboard in the winter months.

A nice place for those who like running is the city park of Imperia, from Diano Marina you can reach it through the coast road named “incompiuta”.
You can play golf in Sanremo and Garlenda. We have tennis courts in Diano Marina and San Bartolomeo.
For sailing, wind surf and paddle you can contact the “Club del Mare” in Diano::


Choose any route and explore, we have so many nice places to see that you can’t go wrong, but don’t forget to visit Cervo with the Baroque Church “dei Corallini”.

Another place to see is Lingueglietta and Finalborgo, at Valloria you can take photos of the many hand painted designed doors, visit the beautiful castle of Dolceacqua, Bussana Vecchia with the many little artist shops, the characteristic Parasio village in Imperia. Also worth a visit is Triora, named the village of the witches.


Liguria is known for his olive oil, main ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine, you can visit one of the museums in the area, rich of curiosity and flavors:

In Imperia you can see the beautiful Villa Grock; for more information you can visit:

Going towards France you must pay a visit at the botanical gardens of Hanbury, at the prehistoric caves of Balzi Rossi, on the Levante side you have the prehistoric caves of Toirano.

In Cervo, at the Castle of Clavesana, you can admire some of the nineteenth-century life at the ethnographic museum of Ponente Ligure.


There are many events in Diano Marina, especially during the summer season, beginning with the “Infiorata” when some of the streets in the city center are covered with a carpet of rose petals, figuring religious designs and ending with the Wind Festival, international event dedicated to wind water sports. Among the many events don’t miss the “Notti Bianche” often organized, where shops and stalls take part to it by dressing in different theme costume, and music bands play in the street of the city center.
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